Sunday, February 12, 2012

Steak Pita w. Tomato Salsa & Wedges (15pp)

Serves 2 

You will need:

600 Potatoes - 13pp

For the Salsa:
Tomatoes - 0pp
Garlic - 0pp
Coriander - 0pp
Onion - 0pp
Chilli - 0pp

For the Steak:
200g Fillet Steak - 9pp
5g Cajun Spice - 0pp
15g Plain flour - 1pp

2 x WW Pitas - 5pp
Salad leaves - 0pp
2 tbsp Light Mayo - 1pp

Total 30 divided by 2 = 15pp

Cut the potato in wedges, put in the actifry / oven for 20 - 30 minutes 

Make a salsa with the tomato, garlic, coriander, onion & chilli 

Sprinkle the fillet steak with Meat Tenderiser

Bash with a meat tenderising mallet

Mix together the cajun spice

and flour

put this on the steak

fry the steak (4 minutes each side) 

remove from the heat

cover with foil (impossible to get steak right without covering with foil for a couple minutes after taking it off the heat) 

cut into strips 

toast the pita bread 

once warm, cut pittas open  

put the mayo on the pittas 

add the salsa  

 and salad leaves

serve with potato wedges

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