Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Apricot Glazed Salmon w. Garlic New Potatoes & Salad (11pp)

You will need:

Serves 2

2 x Salmon Fillets (16pp)
50g Reduced sugar apricot jam (2pp)
5g Sweet chilli sauce (0pp)
1 x teaspoon White wine vinegar (0pp)

1 x tin New potatoes (6pp)
1 teaspoon lf butter (1pp)
2 x teaspoons garlic salt (0pp)

Mixed salad leaves (0pp)
Dill (0pp)
Lemon (0pp)

21 in total, divided into 2 servings = 11pp

Mix together the apricot jam, sweet chilli sauce & white wine vinegar

Cover the salmon with the apricot jam mix. Put in the oven @ 220 degrees for 20 mins.

 Boil the potatoes

Once the potatoes are done, mix in the low fat butter & garlic salt
Top with the dill, serve with a simple salad & lemon

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