Thursday, October 13, 2011

Meat free sausage & Mushroom Pasta (10pp)

Meatfree hot dog &  Mushroom Pasta / Serves 2 (10pp)

You will need:

1 x punnet of mushrooms (0pp)
1 x medium onion (0pp)
2 x tsp garlic (0pp) 
4 x Meatfree hot dogs (7pp) 
200g Extra Light Philadelphia (6pp)
150 ml Skimmed Milk (1pp) 
200g Cooked Pasta (6pp)

Divided into 2 portions ... 10pp

Start off by chopping the mushrooms

 Boil the meatfree sausages for 10 mins or according to the package instructions. Once this is done you can also cook the pasta according to the package instructions 

Chop the onions
 Fry the onions & Garlic, also add the mushrooms
 Chop up the hot dogs and add this to the onions, 
 Fry the onions, mushrooms & hot dogs 
 Add the Philadelphia 
 Stir through until the philadelphia is warmed through
 if it's too thick at this stage, add about 150ml of milk
Serve the sauce with the pasta

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