Sunday, March 11, 2012

Creamy Pork Gnocchi (14pp)

You will need:

1 x Onion (0pp)
Garlic (0pp) 
250g Gnocchi (10pp)
200g Weight Watchers Cream (8pp)
280g Pork Fillet (10pp)
1/2 tsp Sage (0pp)
Fresh Basil (0pp)

29 divided by 2 = 14pp per portion

Chop the onion

cut the pork fillet in cubes

season the pork and add the garlic, brown the onions & meat in a frying pan

once the pork is browned, add this to the slow cooker. then add the cream

mix together and cook on low for 4 hours

after 4 hours add the basil

mix together

add the uncooked gnocchi and cook another 20 minutes on high. once ready add more basil and serve


  1. Adele got your email but stupidly I somehow managed to delete before replying. It was lovely to hear from you. Can you resend but to the following email address and then I will repost with my friends only email address.
    By the way now hooked on Pinterest thanks to you and slowly building my life in pictures. Clara

  2. This is look great. Can't wait to try it myself. Pls post more.