Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Antipasto (20 pp's)

So this one is not exactly low on points, but it is one of my favourites that I have from time to time:
The following is for one plate:
4 x Slices Sainsbury's Garlic Bread Slices (13pp)
62g Sainsbury's 10% Fat Mozzarella Cheese, Be Good To Yourself (3pp)
2 tsp Balsamic Vinegar (0pp)
Various Italian Salami & Meats (4pp)
Tomatoes (0pp)
Garlic (0pp)
Onions (0pp)
Fresh Basil Leaves (0pp)
The Tomato, Onion & Basil Salsa ....
Chop tomatoes, onions & basil. Add garlic & finely chopped fresh basil and mix it all together add salt and pepper & about a tsp of balsamic vinegar, keep in the fridge at least an hour before.
Weigh out about 4pp worth of Salami & Prosciutto (about 6 Slices)
Tear 1/2 a ball of buffalo mozzarella and add a tsp of balsamic vinegar.
Add the 4 slices of garlic bread, and that's it.
I then generally just make my own little topped sandwiches with the garlic bread topped with different bits.


  1. I HAVE to try this! Might even be tonight dinner!

  2. Oh Adele, this looks fab, and what presentation you have!!! :))